Terms of use

Terms of use

The use of the website presupposes full and unconditional acceptance of the following terms

of use by the user, which are permanently accessible to the user, throughout the navigation

and use of our website. These terms are fully compatible with current European and Greek

law, while users recognize the right of the company to change provisions of these terms,

insofar as they do not concern binding legal obligations and without affecting completed


The user of the website acknowledges that he has read these terms, agrees with them and

undertakes to comply with them.

For us it is our obligation that the customer is always informed and assured. For this reason,

we inform the customers of our online store about the following issues:

1.General Information

The website www.nisidressroom.gr includes the online store, which is the online presence of

the sole proprietorship under the name "SYRANIDIS IOANNIS TOU THEODOROU -


(TIN.: 125190486, Preveza Tax Office for the Taxation of SA Companies, telephone +30

2682047804). The company is located at 2 Andrianoupoleos Street, in the Municipal Unit of

Preveza, Municipality of Preveza, in the Regional Unit of Preveza in the Region of Epirus.

Our company makes every effort for the maintenance and availability of the Website and its

content. However, it may, at any time and without warning, stop its operation, temporarily

or permanently, or change its content. In case of permanent interruption of its operation,

you can always contact us for any pending issues based on our above contact information.

2. Website content

The content of the website is intended exclusively for adults. Minors are prohibited from

using our Website. However, our company cannot control minors’ access on it and therefore

is not responsible for any use of the website in any way.

Our company makes every effort to ensure that its content includes complete, valid,

accurate and clear information. Our Website includes a list of products and services that the

user can use at his own discretion and will. Under no circumstances is the user required to

take any action.

The use of our website is at the user's own risk.

Our company bears no responsibility for the legality and validity of other Websites to which

it refers or from which you refer to it, through links or banners.


3. Product Order and Consumer Protection

The placing of an order through the online store constitutes the conclusion of a distance

sales contract regulated by the legislative framework of Law 2251/1994, as amended.

You can place a valid order through the online store if you are legally competent in

compliance with the articles of the Greek Civil Code, (as long as you have completed the

eighteenth year of your age and you are not in judicial custody regarding the conclusion of a

sales contract). Orders can also be placed by representatives of legal entities, while the

company reserves the right to claim from the supervisor or guardian any orders that will be

made by legally incompetent persons.

4. Copyright

All contents of this website “www.nisidressroom.gr”, i.e. indicatively and without limitation

the texts, photographs, drawings, commercial and financial data, programs, any kind of files

are the intellectual property of the company and protected by the relevant provisions of the

Greek and European law and the applicable international conventions on Intellectual

Property, with the exception of those expressly recognized rights of third parties. For this

reason it is prohibited to reproduce, republish, copy, store, sell, transmit, distribute, publish,

perform, "load", translate, modify in any way, in part or in summary without the express

prior written consent of the company.

5. Business Liability for the Operation of the Website

This website is available to the general public, inviting them not to visit it if they do not trust

its operation or content.

Users of the Website must, in any case, use anti-virus software.

Any damage or harm caused to users, directly or indirectly, from the use of the Website

does not give rise to civil or criminal liability of our company, its representatives or affiliates.

Our company is not responsible even if the customer considers its content abusive,

defamatory, offensive or blasphemous.

6. Using our Website

Users are requested to use the Website as required by good faith and morals, and to refrain

from any illegal, unfair and abusive behavior.

The user of the Website is obliged to refrain from acts of unfair competition, not to prevent

its use by others and not to perform actions or omissions that may damage the Website and

its smooth operation.


In the event of non-compliance with these conditions, the company reserves the right to

compensation, but also to take any other necessary measure, such as banning access to the

Website and its services.